Become an EMT

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) respond to emergency calls, perform medical services, and transport patients to medical facilities, caring for sick and injured people in emergency settings. People’s lives depend on their quick reactions and competent, sometimes life-saving care.

You can train to become an EMT in one to three months with American Health Education (AHE), located in Dublin, CA.  AHE offers weekday accelerated and weekend programs to work with your schedule. 

American Health Education provides the highest level of quality education, preparing students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to excel as an EMT. The program includes National Registry skills testing, and externship placement to a contracted provider. Are you up to the challenge?

For more information, call 800-483-3615.

5 Reasons to Choose the American Health Education EMT Program:

  1. Quick, focused courseworkYour training will be completed within three months!
  2. We work with your scheduleChoose from weekend or weekday options, regularly offered throughout the year.
  3. Learn on the latest equipment–Work with the latest technology. You’ll practice with cutting-edge, mobile applications like language translators, dosage calculators, and digital logging systems.
  4. Real-world experienceYou’ll ride along with experienced EMT’s and learn what a real day in the life is like. Plus, your classroom work will be taught by veteran EMT’s who know what to expect in the field.
  5. Employment opportunities upon graduationYou’ll meet and have the opportunity to apply to companies like NORCAL Ambulance!