NorCal Ambulance launches all-expenses paid EMT recruit program

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Debbie Natsch


Livermore, CA April 26, 2022–The tight labor market ignited during the pandemic is still going strong, even in an industry as critical as emergency medical service. In an effort to bolster staffing levels to support the important service provided in local communities, NORCAL Ambulance decided to take measures into its own hands, making it much easier to become an EMT with a unique program that pays students while they attend training.

NORCAL’s new EMT Recruit position provides qualified candidates with an all-expenses paid training course, which represents thousands of dollars in tuition savings for participants. Those admitted into the program not only learn for free, but they are paid for their time in class. The program is made possible thanks to NORCAL’s partnership with the premier EMT Training Program, American Health Education. The school, which has successfully trained EMTs since 2003, ensures that candidates will get the education they need to be a successful first responder.

Potential candidates are encouraged to apply for employment with NORCAL Ambulance, where they will be screened for applicant eligibility. Once hired, they will be scheduled for academy training. When the classroom portion is complete, successful /candidates will continue to work for NORCAL, attending a company orientation and onboarding, and then move into their new career path.

Qualified candidates must:
● Pass background check
● Complete and pass a medical examination
● Be screened fit-for-duty
● Have received Basic Life Support/CPR training
● Complete Physical Abilities Testing

Barry Sutherland, NORCAL’s President says “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for candidates to jumpstart their EMS career. We’re so pleased to be able to offer this amazing new EMT Recruit role for individuals looking to begin their career with us, as well as to those who are looking for a new line of work post-pandemic. EMS is a great field where there is always plenty of work–and NORCAL is a fantastic company to join /as a new EMT.”

American Health Education’s CEO, Chris Seymour adds, “I think this is an excellent opportunity for those who couldn’t normally afford a high-quality education to simultaneously go to school and earn a paycheck while quickly becoming immersed in the field with this unique on-the-job training format.”

NORCAL Expects the EMT Recruit role to be an ongoing offering. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a career in Emergency Medical Services, contact NORCAL Ambulance at, or visit our website at

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