Passion, commitment, and service

From humble roots to hopeful future

NORCAL Ambulance was born out of a desire to operate differently than other emergency service providers. We wanted to build a company that treated our employees well, that was inclusive, and that attracted those who took pride in their work.

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Our Roots

Once a scribble

The company was conceptualized in 2004 through a compilation of scribbles on napkins and scraps of paper. The company founders took a leap of faith­–quit their jobs, took all their savings, and spent an intense 8 months planning and building NORCAL.

Many hours were spent poring over the details–our patches, uniforms, jump bags–and acquiring the best ambulances and medical equipment available.

Call of Duty Begins

A concept turned reality

In May 2005, two brightly painted ambulances­–featuring the first “wave” design–rolled into our Oakland station, and NORCAL Ambulance was ready to go! We hired our first 6 EMTs and started a notebook to document calls. We started marketing on a Wednesday afternoon, and had our first call on Thursday!

A Product of Passion, Commitment, and Service

An evergrowing family

Since this humble beginning, we’ve grown to 11 stations and offices throughout northern California, a fleet of over 100 ambulances, and about 600 employees running thousands of calls each month. This success can be directly attributed to our amazing staff and their dutiful efforts in taking care of patients each day.

We believe that fantastic customer service, high-quality patient care, and our commitment to making NORCAL Ambulance a great place to work is at the heart of our success.

The NORCAL way

Our mission statement

NORCAL Ambulance believes that the patients and families of the communities we serve deserve to be cared for with integrity, dignity, and compassion, by a team committed to excellence in customer care. To support this belief, we:

Prioritize our team

We foster a culture that understands team members are the driving force behind our success. We work to create a place of understanding where employees feel heard and are provided opportunities for growth.

Provide phenomenal customer experience

We treat every customer like a cherished family member. We advocate for their care and deliver service that surpasses expectations.

Strive for excellence

We aspire to be the best in all aspects of medical transport and are committed to ongoing improvements and innovation.

Value safety without compromise

We promote an environment of safety and accountability through structured processes, training, and maintaining the highest quality equipment.

Celebrate diversity

We recognize and value the unique contributions and perspectives of each individual that help to make the NORCAL Ambulance a great place to work, learn, and grow.